You Can Not Live in A Perfect World With International Terrorists Running Around

Dear Liberal Minded American Citizen;.The United States of America is the greatest nature ever created in the history of the human species and for that reason many of the liberals that live in the United States want to make the world a perfect utopia. Don't we all? Indeed, although United States of America is not perfect it is by far the greatest nation and has the most potential of becoming perfect.

That perfect utopia we all seek.But I would like to make comment to my Liberal minded American citizens and friends and that is that you can not live in a perfect world with a bunch of international terrorists running around blowing up buses, trains, ferries, aircraft, buildings, hotels and outdoor patio restaurants. You see, in a utopian society there is no such violence and innocent people are not slaughter on their way to work, to visit friends or while traveling.For their truly to be the utopian world that the Liberal citizens want, first we must rid the world of international terrorism and stop the nation states which sponsored them from further killing innocent life. And this brings me to the current topic at hand.

We cannot allow the Iranian leadership to sponsor international terrorist organizations and seek to build atomic bombs, nuclear warheads and nuclear detonation devices. I hope you can appreciate the simplicity of my comments here today and stop putting barriers in the way to building be safe world for tomorrow. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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