Spice Up Your Relationship

Things may be a little dull in your relationship right now. You may want to add a little spice to it to keep things interesting. By trying playful activities with your date or your significant other, you can keep your relationship full of excitement and fun. Try these suggestions when you are stuck in a rut and need a little inspiration.Fun With Food Serve finger-foods for dinner and spend the evening feeding each other.

Good choices include fruit like strawberries and grapes, cheese and crackers, olives, cubed pepperoni, bits of chocolate, and stuffed mushrooms.Relive Your First Date Meet each other at a bar, restaurant or club, and act as if you've never met before. Introduce yourselves and flirt like strangers. For extra spice, create new personas.

If you're usually a conservative bookworm, pretend you're a sexy bartender instead.Try An "Adult" Game Check your local "adult" store for games for couples. Many are as simple as a pair of special dice, and others are more involved, like a romantic board game. Whatever you fancy, chances are you can find one that meets your needs, and your partner's.

Create A Home Spa Search the Web and read up on massage tips. Purchase lightly scented oils and bubble bath. Then create a romantic spa at home with candles, soft music and a personal massage!.

Build Anticipation Anticipation is fun! Let your date know your romantic plans for the evening by leaving a steamy voice mail on the phone or sending a sexy e-mail. The anticipation will have both of you looking forward to the night's activities.


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By: Peter Portero

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Spice Up Your Relationship - Things may be a little dull in your relationship right now.

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