Should We Grow Our Meat Without the Animal

A futurist who is actually somewhat low-key in the promoting of the fact had come up with an idea. The concept would be to grow meat without the animal in dishes to the sie and shape desired and thus prevent things like animal waste causing environmental and health risk, better and safer meat and of course shutting up the lunatic fringe of the animal rights activists.Recently in an online think tank, a fellow thinker liked the idea and stated; "It is really an incredible idea of growing meat .growing meat that has all the positive qualities should taste natural. Taste of meat comes from the accumulation of water , salts , blood and metabolic products without developing the whole chicken like in natural process will the taste remain the same?".

Indeed it seems this is a most likely question and very insightful. Yes, it is believed the taste would remain the same and the texture and taste could even be enhanced. In fact it would be safer too. It is interesting that this question would be the first to be asked considering the other benefits such as listed above and the cost to produce the meat would be significantly less. But it does stand to reason that humans like things, which taste good don't they? And if it tasted just the same or even better, well the humans would totally go for it.Apparently it ought to be an easy sell then to the masses once they got over the thought that it seemed unnatural raising meat in a lab like environment, but it would be better for all concerned including the wild chickens and turkeys who just as soon not become man's favorite dish, not to mention the safety in slowing the spread of bird flu and such.

Please consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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