Multimedia program
Wired for sound - Netscape Communications Inc.'s LiveMedia technology to
Multimedia Strategy Helps Sure Fit
Multimedia Model for the Utilization of Geoscience Educational Resources in
Looking for good art: web resources and image databases
A Web-based interactive gathering and reporting system on faculty performance and activities

Web Communication

Don't let your business get left behind and learn what's the latest in corporate communication. Harness the power of web communication through technologies like web conferences, web-based seminars, multimedia strategies, and more.

 Web conference

Microsoft might now be in the Web conferencing business as a service provider, but the company is a far cry from offering the technology as


time web communications

MediaTone network platform enables WebEx suite of applications to provide unified web meeting experience. Users can host lead-


Appliance addresses

BlogUnit(TM) allows corporate web loggers to author, manage, measure, deliver, and syndicate blogging communication.


Under Pressure

Scandal-ridden Adelphia Communications, teetering on the brink of financial ruin, is blemishing cable's newfound economic luster and


Police need improved
The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) recently made a plea for increased access to e-mail and Internet monitoring provisions during its conference in Vancouver in August. The association's