Why We Wanna Look Different

It's our instinct to look different from rest of the world, want to think on diverse contours and do espouse exclusive ideas, schools of thought as well as attitude in our exterior or manifestation. Dress plays a vital role in this regard. We habitually put on certain clothes, containing an ample fashion appeal. The word "Fashion" holds a great deal of connotations within itself. At first glance it emerges rather eccentric and Hi Fi, but in depth it meets with our Psychological needs, revealing one's stance towards various aspects of life.For many years, people have been living in accordance with their ethics and aspirations, which they used to flaunt in their façade.

Folks in Stone Age had their own "Fashion" or we can say, "Life Style". Fashion replicates itself after some decades. Pop idols being archetype, provoke it to an extent that excites everybody and give rise to sizzling sensation. They recurrently set various trends, tempting others to pursue it and acquire inspiration. Trendsetters bestow a new way to the style, existing by now and a stylist fetches the imagery into a tangible form by converting the abstraction into veracity.

Out dated style with few innovations give birth to an entirely new chic. Usually we mimic others, without any meticulous grounds but only for the sake of contentment. A new way in our garb or emergence enhances our confidence, causes sense of superiority along with the execution of our Psychological wants embodied in looking atypical. The most controversial attire gains more applause, such an outfit may be regarded as status symbol or let slip sovereignty of notion as well as action, through it's audacious, daring and bohemian appeal.

But in west such apparel do not have certain taboo. On the contrary, in Asia we are bound to go after the conventional vogue. Alterations are acknowledged only "Within certain limits". Here, in East lass in spite of her ultra modern attitude, will irrefutably put on a customary dress on the juncture of her wedding ceremony.

Colours give you an idea about individual as well as collective Psyche, same, is the case with fashion, when colours for garments are chosen or selected, they refer to a particular emotional and erratic ambiance. Yellow, oranges, scarlet or reds are regarded as blistering colours; the most passionate and bouncy corresponding to one's nature if one makes use of such colours. On the other hand there's black, turning to gray, turning to blue and then to green and then back to yellow.

Dreary to dull to indifference to peace to fun and back to the bursts of energy.· Why do the light colours have Serenity and solace?
· Why darks indicate twitchy, zealous and
· Obdurate nature?.But can we say? Those who carry murky tones are somber, grim and grave at heart and dearth prevails through their core. On the contrary, those who put on intense shade are so lively, vivacious and full of joy, with an invisible mirth permeating and making their spirit light.The term "Fashion" also embraces radical plus innovatory ideas. Today's fashion entails a great deal of intricate things.

Tattoos, masks, piercing rings, such type of articles reveal stir and escape. Now a day clumsy looks are trendier alongside the alluring one. One yearns for an alien look instead of one's craving to look beautiful. In make up silvery tinge is considered to be more enthralling, ravishing and captivating. Glossy strokes are given intermittently in order to augment sensual appeal.

These inclinations exist more, than customary and stereotype vogue. Credibly we have borrowed this way to look outlandish, from West. Gauche looks are trendier, divulging one's ambiguous Psyche.

Youth's an eventual adherent of such sort of chic.Perchance in this quest of glitz and glamour, desire to render ourselves in a mode, which has never been acquired by someone else. After some decades time will congregate the generations in an entirely new form and content, although resembling human beings to some extent in the face of this lethal terrain. But even then an entity would certainly have been striving to retain his youthful emergence in an exclusive way, among monotonous affinities of the rest of the creature. "Fashion" has been an essential and effectual gadget to highlight and modify "Beauty".

Always running after beauty, still unable, we are to give it an absolute and comprehensive definition. We can say:."Those things are beautiful, the perception of which pleases.".

By conversing all these concerns and ideas still, our question wants an answer. Why, we wanna look different? In order to look beautiful? To look exotic is equivalent to look pretty. Beauty! A joy?."A thing of beauty is a joy forever"."First in beauty, should be first in might." (John Keats).

In brief, beauty needs a touch of distinction, to be expressed aptly and fashion at all times bequeaths this touch to the beauty.BY EMMA ALAM.


By: Emma Alam

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