There is No Long Term Alternative to Democracy

Human history is filled with so many successful civilizations and empires and with so many different forms of government, but in the end there appears to be no long-term alternative to democracy. Or rather some form of democracy where the people feel as if they are in somewhat control of their own destiny and live out their lives as if they have choice and are able to pursue a comfortable lifestyle, good standard of living and what they believe to be quality of life.Those forms of government and civilizations, which disregard basic human rights and abuse the privilege of the people are destined to eventual failure unless those in control rule their empires with an iron fixed.

But in doing so that negates a comfortable lifestyle, good standard of living and quality of life. So I ask you; can you name another form of government, which does not have the least some of the components of democracy, which is an alternative that will provide a long-term solution for human civilization.We saw in George Lucas's Star Wars that he had put together a government, which had in it a group of wise and learned man who were a collective rule of benevolent dictators. However it also appeared in the movie that there was some form of democracy, voting and self-determination of the people. From a philosophical standpoint one could argue that in all of human history no civilization or empire has been able to be a true and fair to the life of every man, woman or child within that society unless it had some form of democracy attached to its government or rulers.

Consider this argument in 2006.

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