The Sins of the Father Shall Be Passed on to the Children

How many times growing up, we swear to ourselves, we will never be like our parents? Too many times to remember, but now here we are all grown up with children of our own, and lo and behold?.If we maintain a few moments of awareness while interacting with our children, it is as if the persona of our parents is alive in us. We may be screaming inside?"oh my God?" but it is as if we have no control and enact the same mannerisms and attitudes.My intention here is to bring awareness to a pattern of conditioned thinking.

We can remember being treated in ways that made us feel horrible and which crushed our sense of self. These memories are embedded in our subconscious and time and time again, become the basis for many of our reactions in so many situations.In the most simplistic concept possible, we are born into a specific family, live in a particular environment and fed a set of values determined by whatever society at that time deems to be factual. Our minds absorb all this information and over time, cement a belief system in us that governs the way we think and act. It is important to remind ourselves that our parents were also products of their environment and what they believed to be the truth.

They therefore, preached what they knew, as did their fathers before them and so on?.Many of us go through our lifetime never becoming aware of being trapped in this repetitive cycle of behavior, others become aware but are either too paralyzed to do anything about it or simply do not know how to go about making the necessary changes to break free. What we do know is deep down we live with a sense of unfulfillment and lack of purpose and no matter how much we achieve and acquire, we just can't seem to catch up to that illusive feeling of contentment.

"Above all things gain understanding"?.To break free from the cycle of negatively conditioned thinking, we must first understand and then transcend the hypnotization. If we try to understand it in a detached way, more like lessons learnt which now have to be un-learnt; it takes away the desire to feel like a victim and delve into self-pity. If we also recognize that 99.

99% of us have been raised with self-negating and self-destructive habits (in obviously varying degrees), it allows us to rise above the feeling that "no body knows the troubles I've seen"?so all alone in our sorrow and misery.We have all been fed erroneous information preventing us from fulfilling our highest potential. If our lives do not reflect our hearts' desires nor satiate our souls' quest for self realization, then we must change whatever we belief that allows us to perceive ourselves as a failure and set about fostering new beliefs that will nurture a "new" perception?.(to think anew).

Most importantly, we must accept that we have the right and the power to change our minds about what we choose to believe as our truths.The intention is to re-condition our thinking so that it truly reflects what is in our hearts. It is a journey to break the cycle of mis- perceptions and unfulfilled lives, a journey to emancipate ourselves from our mental slavery. Somewhere amidst all the mental chatter is our real voice speaking the truth of our Divinity.

Our quest is to be guided by this inner voice and let the truth of who we really are be passed on to our children and so on and so forth?.In light and love,.nerak.

"T shirts with a Purpose".My only intention in this lifeteime, is to break free from the patterns of negatively conditioned thinking.

By: Karen Riddell

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