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We wonder why every so often we tune into the local news and discover that there have been yet another shooting at high schools around the world. Why is it you think these kids are shooting and killing each other, including their teachers?.Teens are being bullied by their peers. They are being bullied because they appear to have low or no self-esteem, no self-worth, and no self-confidence. These teens wear clothing that their parents can only afford and it's not their fault that they can't dress as nice or have the things that their bullies have. Most of them don't live in such nice homes as their bullies or drive a car to school like their bullies.

They dread going to school everyday, and their one outlet or escape is taken away by the harsh treatment of their bullies, resulting in a rage so strong and dominant on their insides. This rage lie dormant and is fueled by the everyday negativity that these teens are subjected to by their bullies. They feel that the teachers aren't any help and therefore takes it out on them also. When they have made it up in their minds that they have found a solution to their bullying problems, it's too late. This is when the shooting and killing starts.We can't save every kid on this planet, although we would like to do exactly that.

What we can all do is talk to our own kids at home and explain to them the seriousness of bullying. When a kid is being bullied at school, they are usually quiet and withdrawn from the rest of the world. They are depressed and are looking for ways out, whether it's carrying out a tragedy at their schools or committing suicide themselves. It is serious and the entire school staff need to be aware.

We know that teachers can't watch every kid every minute, but the teachers can pay attention to those kids who are displaying strange behavior. Teachers are always looking out for signs of abuse on the kids from parents, why can't they do the same for peer to peer abuse on teens.Teens that are being bullied suffer lifelong permanent psychological damage. They go through life thinking that they aren't worth much, because of the way that they were bullied, and the help they never received.

Most of them can't live a stable life for fear of always being judged. They are always going to think that others are looking at them and taking negatively about them; when really that can be farthest from the truth. They are stuck with this no self-worth and no self-esteem judgement of themselves because of all the bullying they were subjected to as a teenager and the assistance they never received. Reach out to a teen before they find the wrong way out. What makes me an Expert on the subject.Experience!.

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By: Monica Burns

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