Talking About Children With Your Partner

To have children or not have children- that is the question.This decision is one of the foundations that make or break a marriage; therefore, should be discussed prior to getting hitched. After all, denying the experience of having a child to someone who has always dreamed of it is severely unjust, and will eventually haunt the union on down the road.

However, there is much to consider when making this life-changing decision.The Unhealthy Baby.While a healthy bouncing baby is the American dream, sometimes it doesn't work out like that.

Many are born with mental and physical handicaps and sicknesses that plague a child into his or her adult years. Could you both, as a couple, handle the additional time, effort and money that is demanded of an ill child?.Expensive Beings.

In this decade, a family can expect to spend around $165,630 on raising a child from birth to adulthood. And this is just basic needs. All kids wants toys, all teenagers want cars, and all young college students run out of partying money.

Divorcing Parents.Sure, everyone says "I do" with the intentions of staying together, but today's society reflects a high rate of divorce. If the decision is made to have a child, both parents should make a pledge that they will remain active parents even if the marriage takes a turn for the worse.


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