Self Improvement Role Of Quizzes

Self improvement is everyone's goal. All of us want to know about weaknesses and strengths. The awareness about our personality, character, thinking style, emotional reactions, can help us improve ourselves. Once we begin converting our weaknesses into strengths, we are better equipped to reach higher goals in life.The question is - how to find the weaknesses? Many times, we realize our weaknesses ourselves. Sometimes, our friends and family members tell us about them.

In the same way, quizzes about our personality can help us find our strengths and weaknesses.Science has developed many tests and quizzes to find about personality traits. But none of these tests and quizzes can be precise. Every theory gets demolished after few years and gets replaced by a new theory.

So are the quizzes based on any particular system of any help? Questions are the answers. Human mind has developed over the years by asking questions. Was the sun revolving around the earth or the earth was revolving around the sun? Why things fall when dropped? Why does wind blow? Why do we have day and nights? Why do we get angry? Why do we have emotions? There are so many questions that have hammered us over centuries and with questions, the answers have emerged.

The answer is found out only if you ask questions. Let us look at this in terms of quizzing.In tests and quizzes, we are asked many questions, and given options to mark our answers.

The questions may not be perfectly drafted, nor are the answers are given after a great thought. No one can evaluate a person by quizzes and tests. It can only give an indication of probability.

But it helps raise questions in the mind of the quiz taker. When he/she comes across a question, the mind thinks about that. That development of thinking process is the biggest advantage of quizzing and testing.

Quizzes and tests by themselves may not give any perfect answer. But they can make a person think.

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By: CD Mohatta

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