Rule Makers and the Weak Minded Followers Who Cheer Them On

Have you ever joined a club or group only to watch the entire group start making more and more rules until it stagnates and becomes in effective? Boy I sure have and you need not look any further than the Free Enterprise System in the United States of America, as each rule puts more people out of work.Now then what about the groups you belong too? Are you an online article writer? Ever thought of becoming one? Well, in online article writing there are online article submission sites, which attempt to keep the quality up. One recently announced that it had a policy of not allowing miss spelled words in the titles of articles submitted.

Sound good right; well, not so fast, as what if there are words like; Illegals, Franchisors or Behaviour [English Spelling] and the spell check shows them to be miss spelled? Whoops, now you see the problem? Nevertheless on online article website is going ahead with this new rule and everyone seems to be agreeing with this without thinking this rule through; personally; I think you people are all insane and your BS about quality is an excuse for the beehive world you wish to create.This is the same problem in Washington DC with regulators making rules based on how they think the world should do business rather than realizing how the world really works. Your miss spellings and stupid rules are pathetic, linear thinking and very ignorant really. I think you are all jumping on the bandwagon wanting to agree with owner of the website and think these authors better be careful that they do not get what you wish for. Be smart stop making rules in the middle of the chess game.

What are all you folks suddenly a bunch of lawyers now? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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