Online Dating Be Safe Get Your Gun

Would you invite a total stranger you just met at a bar back to your home? For most of us, the answer is probably no. If this were the case, why would anyone do this with someone they just met through an online dating site?.Recently ABC News' Elisabeth Leamy and Allen Levine reported a bizarre story for Good Morning America. Apparently some woman named Cat Hermansen invited a man she just met on an online dating site to pick her up at her home before they went on their first date. After arriving, the gentleman allegedly sat next to her on the couch and started "pawing" at her. Don't worry about Hermansen though, she reached down in her sofa and pulled out her gun and put it "right in his face between his eyes.

".Hermansen feels as though she would have been raped had she not had the gun. Apparently the guy ran out of the house without even saying goodbye.

Geez I wonder why?.This begs the question: what was this woman thinking? I'm sure she is a lovely person but what in God's name possessed her to invite a man she has never met to her house? Every reputable online dating site out there will tell you this is a strict NO NO.If you don't own a gun and you want to be safe, follow these five simple rules and you should be OK with anything the online dating world throws you.Always plan your first dates in public places! Always!!!! Never invite someone you do not know back to your home. If you require an explanation why you should not invite a stranger back to you home, you may want to consider delaying your foray into the online dating world.Never give out your home phone number or your work phone number to someone you just met through an online dating website.

You should always use a cell phone until you feel comfortable with this person. If you don't have a cell phone, you may want to consider getting a disposable one.Make sure someone knows you are going out on a date, where you are going and whom you are going with. It might also be a great idea to arrange one of your friends to call you half an hour after the date starts in the event you want an excuse to bolt. It's also a wonderful idea to call someone after your date and let them know you have arrived home safely.

Never send money to anyone you meet online! Never!!!! If a person is asking your for money, you can be fairly certain they are working a scam and they have you in their sights. If anyone you are communicating with online asks you for money, you may want to consider ending the relationship sooner rather then later.Finally you should always ask lots of questions before going out with anyone you meet online.

Scam artists may not have answers for all of your questions or they may consider you to be more trouble then you are worth. If anything the person says to you sounds even remotely suspicious you should immediately terminate the discussion.These five rules should help you ensure your safety. Remember to use your common sense and a healthy amount of skepticism. Online dating can be just as safe as meeting someone in a bar on a Friday night if you approach it in the right manner.

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By: Gary Kelly

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