Old and New Technology Being Used at the US Mexican Border

Many Americans do not realized that the United States of America in the United States border patrol or using some old technologies and some very state-of-the-art technologies to prevent illegal immigrants and illegal aliens from entering our country.Additionally these technologies, both old and new are preventing drug smugglers, coyote human smugglers and MS-13 gang members from sneaking over our borders. It is good to know that the United States of America is using all options to prevent illegal entry into our country. Having high-tech toys and using low-tech solutions seems to be helping quite a bit.

On the low-tech side they are using large berms, which prevent people from coming across in four-wheel-drive SUVs, which are often used to smuggle people and drugs into our nation. Fences are also being put up around residential and urban areas areas and many more will be put up along private ranches.On the high-tech side we have unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs and Aerostats or tethered mini blimps with eyes in the sky. We also have infrared cameras, which show body heats available to border patrol.

And old this has had an effect, since 2001 over 6 million people have been caught illegally trying to get into the country and have been turned back or returned. Consider this in 2006.

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