Is It an Issue of Legals vs Illegals is that All

I encountered this in a chat room today:.

this has nothing to do with "race". This has to do with whether you are here "legally" or "illegally".that's all.

My reply was:.It is a matter of legal versus illegal?that's all? Do you mean illegal like the fact that 57% of the world's serial killers are born in Americans? Do you mean illegal as in the native born American high school males who plan mass slayings at their high schools? These kids, all born and bred in the U.S.A. want to kill everything that moves in their high school?is that what you are talking about when you say illegal? Do you mean illegal as in the fact that you cannot go to your favorite restaurant in America without wondering what native born American is going to come in the door guns a blazing? Do you mean illegal as in all those native born Americans who are the dope BUYERS of the crap that the drug cartels import to America--there would be no drugs crossing the border if there were no ILLEGAL AMERICANS who were buying the crap.That's what Americans are missing in this whole immigration issue.

Mexican haters are so worried that there are Mexicans in the country ILLEGALLY when you are a nation of lawbreakers yourselves!.You are worried that there are some Mexicans in the country working to feed their families and send their kids to college, but "Oh My God, they are here illegally", and you have gone to hell in a hand basket with your lawless country!.Does the word HYPOCRISY ring a bell? And, in closing, here is the definition of the word:."Insincerity by virtue of pretending to have qualities or beliefs that you do not really have.

".You pretend to respect the law, in a gigantic tizzy about "illegals", and what you are so concerned about--hard working Mexicans--is inconsequential compared to what you are doing to yourselves!.

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By: Douglas Bower

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