Illegal Immigrants are Needed to Pick Our Crops

One of the debates for pro-illegal aliens being allowed to stay and get amnesty is that they are doing jobs Americans will not do and if we kick all of them out for illegally entering our nation, who will pick all our crops then?.Well you know we have some old grandfathered migrant agricultural worker programs which are working and if you live in California where a lot of these programs and migrant workers go each year you will see them out there. They are on agricultural worker passes and they are not here illegally okay?.Especially in the fertile of Central California, which is a huge agricultural area and some of the areas along the coast also. There does need additional streamlining.

But there are some serious issues along the borders where drugs, guns, MS-13 gangs are coming in and that is dangerous and bad for our nation. You have some of that where you are too from as well as now MS-13 is now in nearly every continental US state.These are Big issues and they are not going away. So yes you are right we need to be smart about guest worker programs, legal immigration, streamlining and of course we must have secure borders too. And for those who make a point about Klan type talk and racism, well yes that is somewhat true, in that many are calling it a them vs. us, but that is not the reality of the situation, that is just little humans running around with their pants on fire, calling each other liars.

Sound and fury stuff, but still real issues need to be addressed. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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