I dont believe in religion but I believe in God

Imagine for a moment that there is no God!

That we are just here. That we come into being and pass away and the rest of the human race after us carries our memories and in some cases our genes.

Is that such a bad thing?
Do we cease to have meaning?
Cease to love one another any less?
Cease to struggle?
Cease to care?

Or do we start to just live moment by moment and understand that our actions, our words, our deeds are of our own making and therefore our responsibility.

Be remembered for what you do here!

The reward is your life and the world you create, the memories and positve change your life causes.

Don't wait for the next life or heaven. Create it here!

Look at the world around you. There are many things that are wrong and need to change.

Stop blaming God for them!
Don't expect divine intervention! We are the ones that inhabit this planet it is our responsibility.

Believe in yourself and the power you have to create change in the world around you. Start small, change happens person by person.

Begin the revolution.

Begin believing that God lives inside you and imagine that perfect part of yourself in others.

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Douglas Walker runs a website called Letter to God. Letter to God - Write a letter to God and read other peoples. . .

By: Margriet Struik

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