How to Use Affirmations for a Healthier Life

Each time I start my day in the morning, I look in the mirror and say to myself, "Today, I can achieve my goal." Saying those words helps me start my day. I will keep on saying that affirmation during the day.

The more I say it, the more I believe in it.Affirmation works if I continue saying it. It happened when I was on diet. I said "I can lose my weight" constantly. It worked for me. I lost a couple of pounds in a week.

It happened also when I got sick. I said "Today I'm well" a few times. And the result, I got well in just a few days.What is an affirmation? According to online encyclopedia Wikipedia, an affirmation is a form of autosuggestion in which a statement of a desirable intention or condition of the world or the mind is deliberately meditated on or repeated in order to implant it in the mind.How to make your affirmation works?.

- Say it over and over again - Affirmation should be said over and over again at least 20 times in the morning and 20 times in the evening. This is how to fill your subconscious mind with your desire so that it can change your belief and create a new reality.- Say it positively - Affirmation should be said using positive sentence because only positive affirmation work. For example, You may say "I'm good looking." Don't say "I'm not ugly." The word "not" will be ignored when it reaches the subconscious mind and it becomes "I'm ugly.

".- Say it by using present tense - Affirmation should be said in present tense so that your subconscious mind will try factually to convey what you want. For example, better to say the word "I'm slim" instead of the future tense word "I will be slim.".

- Say it in front of a mirror - Your affirmation will be more powerful for you when you say it in front of the mirror. You look into your eyes and say your affirmation. Repeat your affirmation with enthusiasm.

Can affirmation be written?.Yes, it can. Affirmation can also be written.

.According to the writer of "Think and Grow Rich", Napoleon Hill, writing affirmation is the fastest way to impress the subconscious mind.You can write down your affirmations at least 15 times per day. It will be more effective when writing affirmation on a card (small card, 3" x 5").You write or you draw picture of what you desire on a card and bring that card everywhere.

During the day, when you get a chance, look your card, read the affirmation and keep it back in your pocket. Do this several times in a day.Once you have made your affirmation, believe in it and start to work for it. Good luck!.


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By: Riana D Lance

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