Helpful Tips To Use During A Date

When you don't date a lot, you can get really nervous about that first date. There are a few things you can remember that will help the night go a little smoother. First, be sure to listen to what your date is telling you. By listening to your date and watching for non-verbal clues, you will be able to tell how the date is going. If your date is shying away from you that may be your cue to back off slightly.

Second, be sure to arrive on time. If you tell your date that you are going to pick them up at 7pm, show up at 7pm. Remember, earlier does not necessarily mean better. You do not want to show up and find your date still in the shower. Also, if you are meeting your date at a neutral location it is particularly important show up on time.

Nobody wants to stand around and wait.Do not think of the date as the end all. If you do not take the date too seriously and go in with a good attitude, you will have a better chance of having a good time.

Remember, it is only one night.Lastly, remember there are two people on a date, so remember to talk as well as listen. Your date does not want to listen to you blabber on all night long; but at the same time he or she does not want to have to carry the conversation.

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By: Peter Portero

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