Earthquakes in Iceland Five Times More Common in the Winter

Have you ever heard anyone in California tell you it feels like Earthquake weather or Do not worry this is not Earthquake season? Well it just so happens that much of this is partially based on reality and partly based on humble urban myth or legends.You see there are certain gas clouds, which are sometimes released prior to Earthquakes but not always which could cause a difference in the weather not by much but a little you see? Then there are potential issues with storm surges from the ocean, high tides and massive run off which also can cause a more likeliness of a seismic event. That does not mean one will happen as many conditions would have to occur at the same time; just that well one could say the percentages are much higher you see?.Now then lets consider Iceland, which is five times more likely to have a seismic event or Earthquake during the Winter Time. Well one could definitely say that in Summer it is not Earthquake Season there. This topic recently came up in an online think tank when one member, Swift from Las Vegas mentioned;.

"In Iceland the quakes are 5 times more common in the summer than the winter, which adds to the global warming idea. Before 2003, there were no more than 15 per year. 30 have occurred between January and October, 2005, which is certainly not in the summer.

".Why are these Earthquake happening during the Winter Months there? Well because of the Glacier Melts causing these events as weight shifts all at once and causes a movement on the plate. Interesting indeed, perhaps you will consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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