Dream Spitters

Take a look at those around you they are the ones who influence your life the most. What are they doing to your dreams, your esteem, and your potential? They are either being destructive or constructive to your future plans. Never let anybody tell you what you can or can't do or what you should or should not do. This is your life and it is up to you.There are 4 types of people in this world; Zombies, (Living Dead) Dreamers, Achievers and those that are Exponentially Successful. We have all met the zombies.

They tend to suck the energy right out of you they have given up on life, and on their goals and on their happiness and will do everything in their power to impede you from achieving yours. They love to burst your dreams and remind you of all the impossibilities and why you can't do it. You remind them of what they wanted to get out of life and what they never achieved. One challenge that holds many back from doing the things in life that will make them happy and successful are others who criticize and laugh and spit on their dreams.

The reason they will point fingers and pull you down is that they see in you what they always wanted to have the desire and drive to accomplish the things they always wanted to do. You will find jealousy and envy. When you find these people in your life, use it for energy.

These people don't like to be reminded of all they have missed and all they don't have or enjoy.Success and happiness is the best revenge. When we are armed with this knowledge we are more capable of seeing what those around us are trying to do.

Many don't do this consciously, and don't know why they have these feelings. You need to have the courage to try to do the things you know you want to do.Then there are the dreamers who try many things for a few weeks but never stick to it long enough to make it successful. They have a plethora of projects and tend to say "could of," "should of," "some day I'll". It seems they are going through life in 1st gear with their emergency brake on. There is plenty of dreaming, but no persistence.

The dreamers are always looking for that quick fix, something that won't require all the effort. Their excitement fades quickly. If they have a job, they are paid just enough to keep from quitting and they work hard enough to keep form getting fired.The achievers have achieved a mediocre level of success and those around them think they are successful. They were to a certain extent, they had many skills and climbed that latter early, but when they reached a comfortable level or plateau they became complacent or too comfortable to try harder and achieve more.

They are afraid to risk what they have, so they try to remain satisfied with the success they have already gained. They steer clear of any challenges or doing the thing that might risk what they already achieved. It could be the golden handcuffs, and probably not doing what they really want to.

They are stuck in the past, and relying on past successes. They could achieve so much more, but fears and complacency are holding them back.The Exponentially Successful are doing what they love.

They enjoy life and others enjoy being around them. Life is exciting and they love all that life is - the challenges and the joys. They constantly strive to improve themselves.

They learn from their mistakes and the experiences of others. They read, they learn, they try, they risk and they grow. They are self-confident and well-balanced. They make success look so easy and many might say they are lucky.

They have passion and love for life.If you have not found out what you love, what motivates and inspires you what you should be doing with your life - don't panic. You can find your niche and passion in life.

You have to realize why you are here, what your purpose, your drive and your love is, what is your meaning for life? If you don't discover your purpose, you will be unhappy, bored, frustrated until you find what it is. There are things in this life you are here to accomplish.Everyone has great ideas, goals, unstarted businesses, dreams and unwritten books.

Where are your ideas? You are not limited. You can achieve what you want. Your mind, your skills and your talents your potential are not limited natural resources.

They are not like a computer hard drive with limited potential. You will never run out and they are only wasted if you don't use these resources. Find your energy, drive, and desire, and expand the energy source to become what you want to become.If you don't do whatever you are supposed to do, somebody else will.

Don't be denied of you dreams and what you are supposed to accomplish. Remember you are responsible to fulfill your dreams. No one will do it for you. Until you hold yourself totally responsible to fulfill that dream you don't own it or believe in yourself you are only renting the dream. Take pride and ownership of your dreams and develop a lasting plan to achieve your goals and desires.

There are three ways people define success. 1. You can find an area where the highest mountain is easy to climb and is really a hill in the plains. (Hang out with the easy crowd) 2. You can climb the easier mountain around larger mountains and destroy or blow up all the mountains around you (bring people down). 3.

Or you can decide to climb the highest mountain and enjoy the satisfaction that you did it. We all want total fulfillment and success but are we willing to pay the price?.

By: Kurt Mortensen

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