Do You Think for Yourself or Do You Just Think You Do

I just got off the phone and, as often happens, the urge to write was like a tidal wave. I get my best inspiration that way :).Due to this conversation, I'm about to touch on something that I did not think I would ever put into print.

It just may do one of three things:.1. Inflame you.2. Make you curious.3.

Not make a bit of difference to you.I hope it gets you thinking.Our topic of conversation initially began about health, swung to marketing, and ended up "saving humanity from itself.

".I found myself, to my surprise, on the "odd end" of the argument. A stance I never thought I'd take.The thing is. for years, okay most of my life, I've lived under the shadow that we are destroying the planet we live on and ourselves.

I've heard all the disaster warnings. melting ice caps, air population, the land.

I believed just like you probably do that we're dooming ourselves through our greed and/or ignorance.I've read great scientific articles (by great I mean easy to read and compelling) in various publications that I'd deem overall "trustworthy." The theme is the same over and over. we're killing ourselves.However, recently I received an eye opener and it came through an unlikely, and probably overlooked, source.

a fiction novel.This work of fiction was just that, pure fiction. The author did not lay claim to presenting anything other than an entertaining story.Frankly, I struggled with this story for more than 7/8th's of the plot.

Not because it wasn't gripping enough. it was. but because the evidence provided went against every grain in my body.

My own belief system stood on its head.And while I desperately wanted to poo-poo the whole thing as just a story, the author's researched sources for the varies pieces of "scientific proof" were real and undeniably first rate.Authentic sources. Real research by real scientists.I struggled.

I just knew that."Global warming" is real. right?.You'd be a lunatic not to believe everything that's been thrown at you.

right?.I mean big names, big businesses are all telling us there's a reason for huge concern, why would they steer us wrong. right?.Hmmm."Global warming," as it is currently being sold to us, is nothing more than another big business, only this one is cloaked in goodness and light.Did you know.

For every one person claiming the "sky is falling," there is a small tidal wave of scientists saying, "Hey, we REALLY DON'T KNOW and "the other side" knows it!".Do you realize.That more often than not small "qualifying" statements are inserted into "official" reports - sort of a "just in case all the experiments we ran are faulty (which they aren't) we might be wrong" disclaimers. And these are often picked up as "fact" when the rest of the research is more or less thrown out the window.Anything for a "good cause" right?.Hey, let's face facts.

If you want continued funding, and the guys with the checks have a certain viewpoint, doesn't it stand to reason that someone(s) somewhere just might "help" support these preconceived viewpoints? Right or wrong?.I'm not naive. But (duh) it just never occurred to me that people would lie about such a thing.

(Okay, yeah I'm naive!).I tracked down and read many of the "other side" reports. I verified for myself that these sources are as legitimate as the author stated them to be. At this point, science cannot - without a shadow of a doubt - make the claim of global warming.Definitive proof cannot be produced.Yikes.

My world was extremely shaken, I'll admit.Don't I need a "side" to be on? Won't I sound like a nut case if I don't "go with the flow?" Won't it seem like I don't care about the planet?.Then I thought? to heck with that!.My conclusion? Think for yourself! Every movement on the face of the planet, regardless of its theme, is motivated more often than not by. money and power (real shocker there, isn't it [sarcasm implied]).It's unfortunate but the way to hold the masses together (read under someone or someone(s) thumb) is through fear.

It's quick, gets immediate attention, and almost guarantees compliance.There's also a HUGE amount of money to be made even under the seemingly "goodness" side of any faction.Don't get me wrong. I recycle.

I don't use fluoride. I take care of myself and my family. I do care about the planet we live on. I think over-fishing the oceans is criminal, etc., etc.What I've also come to understand is that if I'm willing to "lay claim" to the beliefs of other people without really investigating both sides to an issue, I'm doing a disservice to that very thing I hold dear.

I've abdicated my god-given right to THINK FOR MYSELF. Played right into the hands of those just waiting for a sucker like me.Causes are good.

Good causes are the best. Intelligently participating in any "good cause" is wisest and healthiest. My advice. Don't be a sheep.


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S. Curious? Get Michael Crichton's "State of Fear.").(P.

S.S. For those waiting for my marketing implication I don't want to disappoint you.

That great program you just have to join could also fall under the "Causes" heading. Research and make informed decisions. Thanks for reading!).Article Source: http://EzineArticles.



By: Theresa Cahill

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