Do Not Lease Space to Dubai World Sell Phone Companies to France and Ports to China

Well isn't it interesting all the sound and fury over the Dubai Deal and now we find out there are 24-million illegal aliens in out country and the Senate wants to now make them citizens, And we find we have sold an entire port to Red China. Now announced that Quest is selling out to the rioting and protesting French? Indeed where is the logic in this world? It is amazing to watch all the rhetoric and politics in all of this.Of course we are also making China in charge of scanning containers which might have nuclear weapons in them coming in the country. Helping us screen containers for radiation. Meanwhile China is selling arms to Iran, who is sending insurgents into Iraq to screw up the fledgling government. What is China selling them?.

Oh nothing really only 29-foot rockets ICBM platforms capable of carrying a nuclear warhead some 1400 miles which threatens all of Europe, many of our military bases over seas and Israel who they have already stated they want to blow off the map. Interesting stuff indeed, especially as Iran develops nuclear weapons and funs Hamas and Hezbolla and even threatened the US with International Terrorists strikes.May I ask where the logic is as well tell one nation no foreign investment and tell two others who politically have been giving us much trouble around the world both economically and supporting our enemies? Consider all this in 2006, as the game is afoot and nothing is as it seems.

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By: Lance Winslow

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