Disaster Planning for Comet Hitting Earth

As we watch the Fragments of Schwassmann Wachmann Comet 73P we have to wonder what if a large Comet, Meteor or Asteroid were to hit the Earth? Some say that a fragment from this Comet pass could hit the Earth; while NASA says that there is nothing to worry about.Still in all of this we should pay attention and make sure our leadership and super important assets are protected and if the fragments are to enter, well then hit them will all the firepower mankind can muster. Because it would seem to me, that swarm warfare missile offense and defense techniques do in fact apply here to protect the species.Perhaps we could make a dent in it, if this most unlikely scenario took place. That indeed would be a great achievement of mankind and one which could be celebrated and kick in a new era of Man controlling his environment and perhaps usher in a future period of a more global approach to working with the cycles of Mother Nature and Patterns of Earth rather than against them? Interesting topic to consider isn't it?.Regarding this current passing of fragments of this Comet, I do not have enough information to render judgment either way.

Only one can speculate on how best to protect the flows of our civilization and develop a preparedness plan to limit loss of human life or detriment to all we are and all we have built. As we owe at least that much to the American People. Consider this in 2006.


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