Did We Fail in Iraq

Some say we have failed in Iraq? How so I often asked, as I see WhoSay and CooSay and their tyrannical father are no longer in power. Additionally I see that the Iraqi people have voted with purple fingers. I do see some issues ahead as that religiously sect divided people learn that cooperation makes more sense than senseless killing and bombing of Mosques. And we do need to turn off the Iranian insurgency disruptions and the Iranian leadership sending folks in to kill our troops.But did we fail in Iraq? Too early to tell, but I would say no, no in fact we haven't. Yet some who condemn the United States and many anti-US reporters say we have one stated; "Judging by the failure in Iraq there is no reason to believe that you will be any more successful in Iran.

".A slap in the face statement, disguised as a question indeed. Yet, the history books will be written by the victors and so I am not worried, we will solve those challenges.

Iran has sent insurgents in to hurt the Iraqi progress; they have to pay for this killing of US Troops. They cannot be let off the hook; that would be fraudulent to not address that.If we allow the Iranian fanatical regime to have nuclear weapons and make good on their promise to blow Israel off the map, continue to support international terrorism, buy high tech weapons, plan for war against the western world and threaten to do International Terrorist Strikes inside the US, then we are at fault just as much as them, as we could have stopped it. So, I propose decimating 2/3 of the Iranian Military, all the military equipment, removal of leadership and a nuclear bunker buster barrage on their nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities now.

Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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