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The majority of flirting is based on non-verbal communication. So how do you get someone's attention? Make eye contact! When you catch a man looking at you, meet his gaze, but not for long. Just a moment or two will do. You don't want to get into a staring contest - just show your interest and let the person know you see him. Add a smile, then look away with grace.Nearly 93% of attraction has nothing to do with what you say.

People read the non-verbal signals, even though most are unaware that they do this naturally. And let's face it,. some people are more skilled at this than others. However, most men say eye contact lets them know a woman likes him. And sociological studies have proven that when you catch a man's eyes two to three times, that's a signal that you are safe to approach and probably interested.

Today however, many women are guarded and usually look away when they notice a man's attention. Often you turn your head with break-neck speed. But think about it - you want the men to look.

When a man notices you, he is showing interest. Don't you want men to be interested? Looking at you is a form of admiring you. Drink it in and think of it as a compliment.While some women get their backs up about not wanting to be a sexual object and that men should get to know them first, let's be real. Attraction draws a man in first, the he'll get to know you. Get past outdated ideas that may be holding you back from using the number one flirting tool.

The eyes are the windows of the soul, so show him what you've got and smile!.

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By: Ronnie Ann Ryan

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