BreakUps and Guilt

How many break-ups also result in feelings of guilt amongst partners? Please take care of guilt before you break-up. Guilt can be a very damaging feeling and can make any life hell. Those who are full of guilt undergo lot of pain asking for forgiveness everywhere, but fail to forgive themselves.

Why guilt? Guilt comes if you have done any wrong that has not been corrected. If you have done wrongs with your partner and refuse to acknowledge them before break -up that will be very painful afterwards. Let me tell you something. Most of us never believe that we have done any wrong. As time passes we realize our wrongs and by that time all is lost. The feelings of guilt therefore take over after that and make life impossible.

Remedy - If you have decided to break-up, please go ahead. Please do what I suggest before you break up. Please ask your partner about what all he/she feels what done wrongly by you. Ask them to tell you about everything, not missing even the smallest detail. Without any arguments, please say sorry for all that. Don't argue.

I know that you would not agree with most of the accusations and get angry and protest furiously. But refrain doing that. Say sorry, and apologize profusely and after that try to forget everything. Forgive yourself and continue with your life.

This way you will be saving yourself from tremendous amount of guilt that may come afterwards. Act in time before breaking up.

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By: CD Mohatta

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