Step To The Ideal Relationship Doing Your Personal Work - In my article "Ten Steps To The Ideal Relationship" I identify Step 1 as: Do your own personal work.

Where Can I Meet Someone I Want To Date - Good question.

Is It Stress or Is It Memorex - According to a study by the American Institute of Stress, job stress and related problems cost companies an estimated $300 billion or more a year, an average of $7,500 per worker.

Beginnings and Endings Create Life that is New and Fresh - It seems that when I honor the ending, the beginning is more joyous.

Saving Money on Gas The Scoop on Products and Services - As gas prices skyrocket and are forecasted to continue doing so, saving money on your fuels costs is becoming very important.

The Ice Course - As oil, often referred to as the Black Gold is increasingly obtained from hostile environments such as in deeper waters, war zones and in seas were ice is predominant for most of the year if not all, technology has to advance in-step.

How to Give Help How to Ask for It - Giving help is a craft; receiving help, an art.

Real Live Werewolf Found in Tasmania Australia - Authorities have confirmed the existence of yet another Werewolf in Tasmania, Australia, this weekend.

Tropical Storm Alberto Gives Florida a DryWet Run Practice Drill - Luckily Tropical Storm Alberto did not deliver the 30 inches of rain to Florida that it did to The Grand Cayman Islands with severe flooding there.

Abatement in Consecutive Waves and Strategies - When fighting the enemy on the battlefield often one way to wear them down is to come at them in subsequent waves one after another.

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