Abatement in Consecutive Waves and Strategies

When fighting the enemy on the battlefield often one way to wear them down is to come at them in subsequent waves one after another. Not allowing the enemy to re-coup, reload or rest. If you consider constant exposure to an environmental toxin, disease or flu the body's immune system is bombarded with wave after wave and must fight it off. If the body is weak, the immune system not up to par or if the body is fatigued the flu, virus, cold or disease has a much better chance of penetration and a successful attack.

We must consider these things in the abatement process of getting rid of pests, insects and international terrorists. Using strategies of nature and common practices of warfare at a smaller level we can keep the international terrorists on the run, while we constantly attack them and take them out in clusters where they gather and through attrition we will win and they will lose; of course that is the plan isn't it.And their plan of attack for us is similar, but it cannot hurt a larger system with a strong immune system, strong will and a survival mechanism to fight off any intruder and increase the efficiency of its immune system; first responders, security forces and special enforcement teams. Fighting and abatement of international terrorism must be considered in a more philosophical realm if we are to understand and completely wipe out the threat. Consider this in 2006.


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