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time web communicationsMediaTone network platform enables WebEx suite of applications to provide unified web meeting experience. Users can host lead-generating web seminars, conduct sales calls online, and resolve technical support issues. PowerPanels creates professional, modular interface that allows users to move, resize, and minimize all meeting windows. IP audio backbone offers voice conferencing capabilities as part of web meeting or as stand-alone teleconference.

New Web Meeting Application Suite Delivers Enhanced Capabilities and Breakthrough Simplicity

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 22 -- WebEx Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:WEBX), the leading provider of on-demand web meeting applications, today launched the third generation of the MediaTone network platform, the underlying web communications platform that powers all WebEx meeting applications. The enhancements to the MediaTone platform enable the WebEx suite of applications to provide a unified web meeting experience throughout the customer lifecycle. The new MediaTone platform delivers breakthroughs in four key areas: simplicity, control, telephony and integration.

"WebEx's new release makes Web meetings easier for new users and power users alike," said Robert Mahowald, research manager at IDC. "This third generation of the MediaTone platform extends the WebEx network for premises-based conferencing at corporate sites and offers the ability to integrate WebEx applications into enterprise business processes. IDC research has found this type of 'contextual collaboration' to be an important next step in the evolution of conferencing and WebEx's new release is an example of innovation in the market."

The latest application suite brings together all of WebEx's award-winning web meeting applications to create a single source for customer interaction. Only WebEx offers a real-time collaboration suite with applications specifically designed for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

-- Prospect with WebEx Event Center -- Host cost-effective lead-generating web seminars to reach new customers.

-- Sell with WebEx Sales Center -- Conduct sales calls online to improve win rates, shorten sales cycles and enable team selling.

-- Rollout with WebEx Training Center -- Train customers, partners and employees quickly and efficiently.

-- Support with WebEx Support Center -- Resolve technical support issues instantly and create a remote management network to increase customer satisfaction and lower costs.

-- Coordinate with WebEx Meeting Center -- Improve communications and coordination with customers and colleagues.

PowerPanel Interface -- Breakthrough Simplicity

The new MediaTone platform transforms the web meeting experience with PowerPanels, a patent-pending technology that creates a streamlined, professional interface perfect for both novices and power users. The modular design of PowerPanels allows users to move, resize and minimize all meeting windows. The MediaTone platform's data-switching capabilities also enable PowerPanels to support simultaneous content elements (shared application, video, streaming media, chat) within a single screen, an industry first. PowerPanels give users complete control of these elements, allowing them to adjust the meeting interface according to their specific needs. PowerPowels benefits include:

-- Simple -- A professional, clean look-and-feel simplifies the powerful capabilities of every WebEx application.

-- Professional -- Move beyond basic screen sharing and create a professional appearance by sharing specific applications while keeping the desktop and personal files private.

-- Powerful -- Share an application, live video and chat windows simultaneously.

-- Management -- Separate meeting content from meeting management tools, making it easy for hosts to seamlessly orchestrate the meeting while keeping participants focused on the content, not the technology.

Extended MediaTone eXchange (EMX) Option -- Enhanced Control

The MediaTone platform is the power behind the WebEx MediaTone Network, a global network specifically designed to support real-time web communications. WebEx's new Extended MediaTone eXchange (EMX) service option offers an extension of the WebEx MediaTone Network that can sit behind an organization's firewall. The EMX premises-based node is managed and maintained by WebEx, and does not require additional capital investment by customers. EMX benefits include:

-- Control -- EMX enables organizations to meet the strictest content policies by keeping all content behind the firewall during internal meetings. External meetings maintain the highest levels of security with 128-bit encryption and secure global network.

-- Performance -- EMX allows organizations to use MediaTone within their networks and condition the "last mile" connection to the global WebEx MediaTone Network.

"The EMX option gives us the power of MediaTone for internal collaboration and the reach of the WebEx MediaTone Network to meet with customers around the world," said Derek Nishibata, engineering systems manager at Spirent Communications, a global high tech communications company. "It's a real competitive advantage, like having a global communications network built just for my business."

Enhanced Audio -- Flexible IP Telephony

The WebEx MediaTone Network's IP audio backbone enables WebEx to offer advanced voice conferencing capabilities as part of a web meeting or as a stand-alone teleconference. WebEx's unique packetized voice network will enable WebEx to continue to lead the market in providing a rich, multimedia experience. The new MediaTone audio capabilities include:

-- Local -- WebEx is the only web conferencing service to offer users automated toll-free conferencing numbers in 30 countries. WebEx conferencing gives users around the world local dial-in numbers for global teleconferences.

-- Flexible -- Choose between standard PSTN and IP conferencing or hold a mixed mode meeting where users can join either way.

-- Personal -- Users can create a personal conferencing number for all their web meetings.

MediaTone APIs -- Enterprise Integration

Since 1999, WebEx has led the web meeting market with powerful integration capabilities. The third generation of the WebEx MediaTone platform extends this leadership with an expanded application program interface (API) set that allows WebEx applications to seamlessly integrate with both server and on-demand applications. This integration enables improved efficiency by putting the WebEx application within the context of an existing business process. The new MediaTone platform APIs enable:

-- Connections -- Comprehensive APIs enable organizations to use the WebEx applications to connect customer-facing applications and create a seamless customer interaction process.

-- Context -- Standards-based APIs integrate WebEx applications into CRM, marketing automation, call center, or e-learning systems to enhance and extend existing business processes with online collaborative capabilities.

-- Capture -- Meeting information APIs capture meeting details and link stored content to enterprise applications.

-- Tracking -- Administrative APIs enable administrators to assign employee privileges, view meeting reports and control features for all WebEx applications from one administrative interface.

-- Access -- Preconfigured APIs enable users to add one-click meeting and scheduling capabilities to the desktop, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.

-- Communicate -- Audio APIs control third-party audio conference services.

"PowerPanels, on-site network extensions, IP telephony and enterprise APIs all work together to make WebEx meetings engaging, productive and an invaluable part to the business process," Subrah Iyar, CEO of WebEx Communications. "The new suite of applications work together and with enterprise solutions to bring our WebEx capabilities closer to the user and create a seamless path for interaction throughout the customer lifecycle."

Pricing and availability

The enhanced applications are available today at no additional cost to all WebEx customers. WebEx offers flexible pricing models to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes. Named host, concurrent ports and usage-based pricing options are available.

About WebEx Communications

WebEx Communications, Inc. is the world's leading provider of on-demand web meeting applications. WebEx applications are used across the enterprise in sales, support, training, marketing, engineering and product design. WebEx delivers its suite of web meeting applications over the WebEx MediaTone Network, a global network specifically designed for real-time, secure web communications. WebEx Communications is based in Santa Clara, California and has regional headquarters in Europe, Asia and Australia. Please call toll free 877-509-3239 or visit for more information.