What People In Heaven Say About You

In having now been in regular communication with Our Worlds Beyond (The Spirit World) for over 25 years, I can say with some confidence that I can speak for all our loved ones living there now. The reason that I, and not you, am speaking for them today is only because you, and your instilled fears - fears given to you by somebody *else*, wont speak to them yourself. If you did then, you would also hear everything that I am about to share with you today and know it as a truth of your own and where your 'belief' and/or 'faith' in an afterlife will, never again, play a part.

When that happens, you also wont need to read articles like this either. You'll be writing your own about a wonderful place called 'heaven'. Meantime, since we are fed, so many insidious lies, fabricated from gossip, fear-mongering and distorted religious ferver - lies that you chose to 'believe', it is left to me to tell you what our loved ones say on the other side.

But I would much rather that you found this out for yourself so that your *own* loved ones could tell you themselves. It's so much better that way you see?.Meantime.When I first came to use my Spirit Contact Board(c) 2006-7 (that is NOT a 'Ouija' board, 'talking board' - 'angel' board or whatever 'board' - such *tripe* you know? My board is NOT a *toy* like these are either), the first impression that came to me was one of deep regret and that this regret was tangible. This regret is not just due to what people have done so much as what they *didn't* do.

Let me explain.What We Are Not Told..As much as we are taught about the love and understanding that exists beyond this world (which is correct), so this is equalled by the things we are *not* informed of. What we are not informed of is that, when dealing with our other world of existence - the afterlife - we are actually dealing with *people* first. As *people* - and not 'ghosts' - they too have the same wishes, aspirations, needs, wants, fears, and trepidations just like the rest of us do.

The only thing that separates us from them is a thing called 'field of vibration' in that, when they 'died', all they did was leave their mortal body - which is only a glove anyway - and went/ returned to a world of a different vibration that we call 'home' or, if you prefer 'heaven'. Other than that, they remain as we remember them in every detail and respect. You have heard the expression 'people don't change'? Well, people don't change over there either.

So inbred are our characteristics and chosen personalities that even heaven doesn't change them. (Mind you, heaven wouldn't change them even if it could mainly because, *individualism* is a very important aspect of God's Will. If it wasn't then we would be separate entities would we? We would be clones of The One).

We are not informed of this or anything else 'not religious' or 'new age' simply because, so very few of us actually bother to look beyond the lies to discover this truth for ourselves as we all should (if only FOR ourselves).Meanwhile, as 'people' what are most of these people saying to us but that we don't hear?.What we don't get to hear, to any great extent, is that, when we do die, we come to realise the full value - *as it really is* of all those we have met from our earliest childhood to the end of our journey here. We remember not only every 'relevant' person in our lives but also their influence upon us as well as ours upon them. In all of this, we see, and experience again, all the good and all the bad so that we may properly evaluate, with a clear head, the experience gained from both. When we have sifted through these experiences, eventually, we arrive at an understanding of our lives; what we have learned from it and what we will take with us to (perhaps) another existence in the future.

It is when we do this that we also come to realise that, without those we have known throughout our lives, we could not possibly have grown nearly as well as we have. Without those we have known, loved and cherished, our spiritual advancement - the most important advancement of all - would never have been nearly as meaningful or as strong. Since spiritual growth is everything and the reason why any of us return here at all, one can now see that the value of those we have known is tripled.This is one of the reasons why I have said many times that, love from there is much more than love from here and why it is a *spiritual* love and not an earthly one.

In short, when we return home once more, we return to our *proper*, fully realised selves and that, through the enlightenment that we all gain from this, we then also realise those we have known and the lights that they truly are too. When that happens, everything we and they have ever done or experienced throughout our short lives here, suddenly comes into full and clear view that is now, free from bigotry, fear, ego and imagination (self-gossip). Let me assure you now that no amount of lies can ever cover this truth for, when we do pass, all of us come face to face with - not only the lights that we are and the lights that all we have known are - but The Light Of Lights that none can ever hide from.

It is now, in that light, that all those we love the most, see us, as WE truly are too and the *true* value of each and everyone of us. There are no lies or secrets in that light. None. Thus, in that most loving of lights, we are all laid bare for all to see and, when we are seen in that light, so love from those we love the most, flows like a never ending fountain, overflowing for us all.

and so it is for you too (yes, you too, reading this now. Even you do not know how much you too are adored beyond words - and this, even if you don't give two hoots whether 'ghosts' exist or not. You are loved and adored *anyway*).So, from those more enlightened than we, what are they saying to you?.They are saying, from the very depths of their souls, that we should value, much more than we do, everyone we know. We should try to learn to love unconditionally and to give, when we can, with all our souls and not just with small bits of it like we usually do.

We should understand and appreciate, the full value of the words 'I Love You' and to make sure that we say it out loud and far more often to those we do love. We should hold more, kiss more and make love much more often. We should instil in those we love the most the fact that they too are adored beyond words and to never stop saying or expressing it. There should be no part in our own hearts that has not given to something or someone and we should try, as best as we possibly can, to lose the negative emotions such as apathy, indifference, aloofness, 'poor me' or any other form of self-protection - self protection incidentally, that has no place in heaven. If it has no place in heaven - where our older, wiser, more loving, more knowing forefathers live today then, it certainly has no place here either.They advise that we don't wait to die to *then* realise the true value of those we love the most like they have for then, it is already too late.

Realise NOW whilst we can all still hold those we love the most to touch their skin, to kiss their lips, to hold their hand, to stroke their hair, to smell them, to feel them, to love them. They advise this not just for those we love the most but also for ourselves so that, through this love, the giving and the taking, we not only grow from it but that, when the day finally comes that we do decide to leave this Earth for good then, our hearts will not be filled quite so much with grief but will remember the love we gave and was given to us. Then the tears that we weep when that day comes, wont be tears of regret but tears of joy and happiness for those who transcend this life to go on to better things - the same better things that we too shall reap when our day comes too - and where they will be waiting for us.Above all, we are to learn to love *ourselves* much more than we do. We must learn to forgive our own transgressions - to grow from them so that we do not repeat the pain of guilt and shame that so many live with today. Learn from them, take what we need from them, forgive them and move on.

In this way, we leave behind us, the vicious circle of repetition and move on upwards to another, better circle.They want so much to share themselves with you as they did when they were here. They would rather not be 'dead' to you but to still be a part of your life even though they are on a different plain of existence. To them, being on a different plain of existence doesn't mean 'gone'.

It just means that you cannot see them. Just because you cannot see them does not mean that they cannot see you. They can.

They all can. And they miss you too - very much - much more than you will ever know.Meantime, until the day finally comes when you can be reunited again with all your loved ones, or that you learn to overcome your fears to be able to speak to them yourself, they desire only your continued and holy advancement onwards your own journey towards your excellence. Whatever it takes to get there then, for them, you must take it. You see, they not only love you but that this love comes with their full support too. Take it.

Dream it, then DO it. And, when you can do all this, you will regret nothing - and they wont regret your regret along with you when you finally come home yourself either. For them, those we love the most, that day must be a big day both for them and for you. Thus, for each and everyone of us.Let it be so.

I thank you for your time.Bob Daulby.


Bob Daulby is a world renowned, global expert on matters of life after death, the greater life and Our Worlds Beyond. He has contacted and communicated with all kinds of entities from the astral plains, other-worldly beings (aliens) as well as with those from inter-dimensional existences and different time-lines. He can teach you to do the same in a very safe, sure and positive manner at: http://www.OurWorldsBeyond.

com so that everyone may glean limitless knowledge, love and understanding as well as adventures beyond dreams. Please visit and this gift too can be yours.

By: Bob Daulby

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