StressManagement Breakthrough Tips Part Learn to Beat It

Stress-Management Breakthrough Tip- Part- 5-Learn to Beat It calls on you to recognize that no stress in your life may be as challenging as too much stress.You can see in the lives of many of the drug affected youths an expression of a wrongly channeled inner desire to live life on the edge. This is no example to follow.

For good health to be maintained you need to have weekly events you regard as exciting, although in no way illegal. The downtown office worker who goes for a midday jog in a nearby park is an example of this.Other examples are staff members taking workplace approved time out to play a game of golf with industry colleagues. The change of environment is seen as being mentally and physically stimulating.Of course for the factory worker there will need to be a higher level of challenge to introduce the element of healthy stress. Such a worker would get the desired impact from heavy weights workout in a nearby gym.

The key here is for participants to get their mind off their normal stressful work day activities. And on to activities they know they have the ability to control their control over. The golfers get to improve their scores by mastering their course or driving range. The weight lifters get to lift progressively heavier weights in more sets and more repetitions.The learning experience all these workers through is Challenge Control.

This brings a sense of being able to control all challenges in the work place - including stress.You would do well to remember that this method in no way refers to participation in extreme sports which may do more damage to stress levels.The contrast between your workplace stress events, which you can't plan, and the sporting challenges, which you can plan, impacts you in a lasting way. It makes the stress events seem less intense. It gives you a strategy for getting back control of your life free from stress headaches.And you learn to beat it.

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By: Kenneth Little

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