Many People Complain About US Overseas Policies

Often people complain about the United States of America and our over seas policies and they will start pointing out some of the things which were not so good, without recounting the total reality of the situation or what really happened leading up to such events. And just so you know where I am coming from I support the United States of America in their efforts to protect the American People.I support whatever they must do in this otherwise crazy Machiavellian World where guns, drugs, arms and sex trade are often used instead of currency and where brutal dictators do anything to stay in power. I support the United States of America to protect the Homeland and defeat any enemies and stay up on any future threats to the on-going viability or flows of our civilization. I support the current Administration, do not deny history, and would like to point out in a cruel and often evil world, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire.I wish it were not so, but I stand by my country to do whatever is necessary or deemed appropriate to protect American Interests and the American people from physical, economic or future harm.

We have a responsibility to our ancestors and future generations to honor their hard work. We have a responsibility to the next generation to hand off our nation to them at the top of its game. Most of all we have a responsibility to ourselves in the here and now to protect the greatest civilization in the history of mankind. Thank you very much.

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