Hurricane Chris the Ultimate Party Crasher

Well I hate to rain on your parade but here comes Chris, normally a very nice guy to invite to any party, unfortunately lately well he has been acting like kind of a hot head. In fact Tropical Storm Chris was in search of some hot ocean surface temperatures to surf and we indeed he has found them. Hurricane Chris as he is now called is considering a beeline for the coast and that could cause catastrophic storm surges and curtail your weekend plans.The NOAA has their satellites watching and closely monitoring the situation and the Hurricane Hunter Squadron is up and flying thru all Chris's commotion. Meanwhile at the National Weather Service Hurricane Command and Control Center in Miami they are closely keeping tabs on Chris' eye wall strength and replacement structure.Were Chris will cut into the coast is considered carefully as the super computers calculate and correspond to pin-point precisely the place of potential landfall.

We all have friends named Chris, but this is one Chris no one wants to have visit them anytime soon. The 2006 Atlantic Hurricane Season is already off to a bang and indeed there is more to come and next up to bat is Devastating Debbie the ditsy dame of destruction. Consider this in 2006.

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