How Your Past Anchors You In Low Self Esteem

I can't imagine a better metaphor of how your past affects your self esteem than the following.Imagine that you are in the deep end of a swimming pool and are an excellent swimmer. Next imagine that spontaneously and without warning lead weights start becoming attached to various parts of your body. First to one arm, then the other, then a leg, then two, around your neck, your waist etc. The weights are attached in such away that you cannot free yourself from them.

As more weights become attached can you see what is going to happen to you? Well I think the conclusion is obvious, isn't it? With no one there to help you you are eventually going to drown.Now if we equate each lead weight with a negative memory or experience from your life, which by the way also get anchored to you, we have a similar situation and outcome.If you're not fully aware of what such negativity does to you I ask you to recall one now and notice what impact it is having on you emotionally, mentally and physically while you do.

I'm sure you'll notice some or all of the following: tiredness, sadness, emotional pain, heaviness, energy depletion, feeling trapped, depressed, guilt perhaps, disappointment etc.Doesn't this feel like a "weight" on you and more specifically on how you feel about yourself and your life?.Yet, you identify yourself with this negativity don't you? In other words you call it "My Life".Well this thing you call "Your Life" is simply an albatross around your neck which is lowering your self esteem, your life force energy and causing you to give up on your so called life.In other words it is causing you bit by bit to give up on living!.

Are you happy with that?.If not and you would like to free yourself kindly visit the web link below.


Nick Arrizza is trained in Chemical Engineering, Business Management & Leadership, Medicine and Psychiatry. He is an Energy Psychiatrist, Healer, Key Note Speaker,Editor of a New Ezine Called "Spirituality And Science" (which is requesting high quality article submissions) Author of "Esteem for the Self: A Manual for Personal Transformation" (available in ebook format on his web site), Stress Management Coach, Peak Performance Coach & Energy Medicine Researcher, Specializes in Life and Executive Performance Coaching, is the Developer of a powerful new tool called the Mind Resonance Process(TM) that helps build physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being by helping to permanently release negative beliefs, emotions, perceptions and memories. He holds live workshops, international telephone coaching sessions and international teleconference workshops on Physical. Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Well Being.http://www.

By: Nick Arrizza, M.D.

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