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Do you wish your house to be well organized, everything at the right place where it should be? A place where you don't have to spend hours looking for something, only to find it somewhere you had kept a few days back as your cabinets were full.Well,you can start right away. With a little organizer by your side you can arrange your house and make it a home.Get rid of old stuff:
First begin by taking out all the stuff. Write down in your organizer the stuff that are important, stuff you do not use often and stuff you do not need at all. You will be surprised to see a lot of stuff you had long forgotten as they were tucked somewhere inside.

Put everything in all different boxes according to your needs and the box with the stuff you do not need, you can keep it in your garage to donate or you can even put up for sale . Donating useful but no longer needed items, getting rid of unwanted junk lets your personal spaces more welcoming instead of uninviting areas that make you want to run away. Once you've decided what you really want and need in each room, look around the room for areas of storage.

Make space wherever you can:
You need not worry if your house is small. Even small homes have space for storage. Under the bed, at the back of a closet, under the sink, all these spaces can be used to hold out-of-season clothes, toys, sports equipment, and unsightly trash bins. This way your bins will be out of plain sight, reducing both visual and floor space clutter.

You can put up simple shelves as they are the most basic and useful forms of storage. Tucked into the back of a closet, at the end of a little used hallway, or in the corner of a child's bedroom, they provide an easy, classic clutter solution. You can hang a curtain if you want to cover them.

You can enclose shelves and cupboards behind doors also. Instead of using an open one, make a bookcase with doors.Right Furniture:
You can expand your storage space choosing the right furniture. When you're shopping for furniture, think ahead to how you'll use the piece. An armoire offers lots of shelves, yet looks wonderful in almost any room of the house.

A chest of drawers doesn't have to be large, but can provide more storage than a side table. A coffee table with drawers can hide things that a beautiful glass-topped table could. You can also use a bench with a hinged lid for the end of a bed or under a window, that way you use the space inside to store blankets, sheets, extra towels, out-of-season clothes, or toys.

Involve your kids:
If you have children perhaps arranging their room would be the toughest task. You can involve them in organizing their room. Begin by getting out all the toys. They may quite enjoy it. Let him choose which toys he does not use anymore and put them in box to give away. Then select broken toys to toss or fix and store like items together like games, Lego's, doll clothes, and so on.

Arranging your house can be fun if you begin with a clear head and ask your family to help out. You can all treat yourselves after the job is done. Sometimes it may be difficult to give away old stuff you are attached to but you should know that they should go away, otherwise your stuff will only keep piling up and your house would never be organized. So, get your organizer and start now.

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By: Jeffrey Meier

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