Gay Marriage Should We Outlaw Being Gay

Some over the edge folks on the Christian Right side of the gay marriage issue have said they want to outlaw being gay, as it is against god's law. Outlaw being gay? Well, the problem with that is that about 1-2% of our population really is naturally gay due to natural changes in hormonal production. This is normal in any species, about 1-2%. But I really do not think that is the problem.

They seem to be totally fine being gay and it seems to suit them and as you talk with them seems very natural for them. I do not believe that this group is the problem.There is a problem in society with the gay crowd; as it seems to be the fringe group, which is persnickety and abusive. Probably from people being mean to them, a defense mechanism, fight-flight.

They choose fight, but they do not stop their; they go around aggressively picking fights. Not sure that is a very safe for over all society and well, it sure is unfair to the rest of the gay community which seems to be doing fine, respectful, even over tolerant when others are abusive or give them dirty looks. That group hats off to them, they take a lot.But for the group, which attacks, they must be stopped or mentored by their own gay community, but I admit, not being gay, I just do not know how that could be done.

Many in the vocal political-legal gay community activist groups, which is different than the fringe Bullies, often over look the aggressive fringe or even deny that they are a problem. Which in itself is a problem for their own community and the general public over all. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow

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