Struggle - This is one word that will not go away in my experience.

Basic Techniques of Stress Management - Stress management should be a discipline that everybody should follow in order to maintain a high-quality lifestyle.

There is No Long Term Alternative to Democracy - Human history is filled with so many successful civilizations and empires and with so many different forms of government, but in the end there appears to be no long-term alternative to democracy.

Did We Fail in Iraq - Some say we have failed in Iraq? How so I often asked, as I see WhoSay and CooSay and their tyrannical father are no longer in power.

Teens Bullying Teens - We wonder why every so often we tune into the local news and discover that there have been yet another shooting at high schools around the world.

Disaster Planning for Comet Hitting Earth - As we watch the Fragments of Schwassmann Wachmann Comet 73P we have to wonder what if a large Comet, Meteor or Asteroid were to hit the Earth? Some say that a fragment from this Comet pass could hit the Earth; while NASA says that there is nothin.

What People In Heaven Say About You - In having now been in regular communication with Our Worlds Beyond (The Spirit World) for over 25 years, I can say with some confidence that I can speak for all our loved ones living there now.

Old and New Technology Being Used at the US Mexican Border - Many Americans do not realized that the United States of America in the United States border patrol or using some old technologies and some very state-of-the-art technologies to prevent illegal immigrants and illegal aliens from entering our count.

The Power Of Words - How many words do you say aloud every single day? Ten thousand? A hundred thousand? More?.

Illegal Immigration Trade Barriers and Trade Relations Discussed - We are seeing many countries whose economies, and all they have built in the last ten years through trade with more wealthy nations, get hurt as even newer entrants come into the market on price.

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