Are You Too Old For Success - Do you Agree?.

Volunteer Opportunities In Henderson Nevada - There is one thing to be said about Henderson, Nevada; they love their volunteers.

Dollar Beer Coaster Changes the Nature of Drinking - What can your beer coaster do for you? Can it tell when your thirsty? Can it order another drink for you? Well now, maybe it can.

Why We Should Not Wait On God Before We Pursue Our Dreams - If you have a big dream that God has placed in your heart are you pursuing it? Are you in motion, or are you sitting idle? Maybe you?re waiting for God to do something.

Do You Think for Yourself or Do You Just Think You Do - I just got off the phone and, as often happens, the urge to write was like a tidal wave.

Believe You are Inherently Pure - It is important to recognize our hidden beliefs about our true nature.

Lower Back Pain - One of the most common problems of the elderly is that of lower back pain.

Bitterness to Betterness - As I write this article, I'm agonizingly aware that I need to practice what I preach.

Where Does Glue Come From - You may have noticed that some plants occasionally secrete a sticky substance.

Here and Now - Are you capable of letting things go easily; like water rolling off of a duck's back? Can you put things in the past and let them remain there? Are you predominantly temper-free? If so you're in the minority.

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