The Downward and the Upward Spiral - Picture this.

Judges Anonymous Insights and Solutions to Successful Living - Have you ever found yourself judging anyone, including yourself? Welcome to the human race.

Relationships How I Overcame Paralyzing Shyness - As a young boy and throughout most of my early adult years I suffered from paralyzing shyness.

Gay Marriage Should We Outlaw Being Gay - Some over the edge folks on the Christian Right side of the gay marriage issue have said they want to outlaw being gay, as it is against god?s law.

Internet OnLine Dating What If It Really Was For Free - A great deal has been said about the pros and cons of Dating Sites on the Internet.

The Most Unprofitable Item Ever Manufactured Is An Excuse - When it comes to excuses, the world is full of great inventors.

Earthquakes in Iceland Five Times More Common in the Winter - Have you ever heard anyone in California tell you it feels like Earthquake weather or Do not worry this is not Earthquake season? Well it just so happens that much of this is partially based on reality and partly based on humble urban myth or lege.

Consciousness Awareness Mind Intuition and Independent Thinking - The world is beating to a new rhythm.

A Different World A Different War - It seems as if America?s overwhelming victory in Operation Desert Storm happened centuries ago.

Stress Management Relieve Stress Quickly - Right now, do a survey of your body.

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